Dec 19, 2006

ceramic re-editions

by Flavia, Firenze

Dec 13, 2006

avant garde et tradition de la ceramique japonaise

Cent cinquante pièces acquises par de grandes collections européennes (Italie, Allemagne, France, République tchèque) retracent pour la première fois l’évolution de la céramique japonaise depuis 1950 jusqu’à nos jours. Au Musée de la céramique de Sèvres

Dec 12, 2006

industrial ceramic research at

guillaume delvigne

ceramics for breakfast competition

designboom and 'MACEF international home show' design competition (jan 2007, Milan)
ceramics for breakfast... brunch, lunch and dinner.we are looking for new ceramic TABLEWARE designs (dinnerware, salt and pepper shakers, vases, bottles, tea sets and more . . .) your design must use any of these materials: china, bone china, stoneware,terracotta, earthenware, porcelain ... a combination of materials with ceramics will be also accepted(wood/ceramics, metal/ceramics, plastic/ceramics, ...)

--- til December 18th only!

extremely white

Extremely White is a simple exhibition. Good design with a premise: to be white.
Organized by Otro Diseno
the exhibition brought together designers from all over the world to show the Dutch audience a collection that interprets, in the most diverse white objects, the material qualities of textiles, ceramics, porcelain, acrylic, paper, glass and sugar. Extremely White was presented within the frame of Inside Design Amsterdam 2006

Dec 4, 2006

kristin mckirdy

at mouvements modernes... a must!
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