Apr 28, 2006

betty woodman at the MET

Apr 27, 2006

ceramique a paris

chez Association des Arts et Techniques Ceramiques. We particularly like gregoire scalabre's work

Apr 24, 2006

marek cecula

new work soon on view at garth clark

Apr 23, 2006

this summer!

not to miss: biennale de ceramique in vallauris

coming up @ sotheby's (NY)

nymphenburg porcelain vase, circa 1930

Clement Massier

Apr 21, 2006

industrial design & ceramics

Intl Ceramic Research Center, DK

offering what seems to be a very interesting seminar & workshop on "clay in industry" this coming august. this non for profit also offers artist in residence programs and seminars.

poquer de ases

four spanish artists at Musee Ariana in Geneva: enrique mestre, angel garraza, claudi casanovas, xavier toubes.

Apr 19, 2006

m yoshikawa


oaxaca, MX

b15 in Munich, DE

happy new find! b15. featuring maren kloppmann, yoshikawa and michael cleff among others

Apr 18, 2006

saturnian influences

angel garraza & hans coper

Apr 17, 2006

tender dutch matters

robert dawson

lovely take on tradition!

beautiful hand build work by Kirstin Mc Kirdy

she will have a show at Vallauris september 1st - november 20th

cindy sherman

... someone was talking about context?

Apr 14, 2006

Planet alignment

...by vbs


Apr 13, 2006

Auction results @ Sotheby's

1860 Portugese Palissy style jug (1,800 GDP) and two Meissen porcelains, circa 1880 (2,300 GDP + unsold)

Apr 12, 2006


Coffee service by www.intronyc.com I like the air shaft look of the pot, not sure how easy to handle though

Apr 11, 2006

Bayerische Motoren Werke

Is this a great car or what?!

Judith van den Boom


Dutch Farmgirl

A quaint feeling of sadness yet an irresistible poetic charge http://www.judithvandenboom.nl/

Mr. Rabbit

Vintage German Erphila teapot... kitsch is about context

Apr 9, 2006

kati tuominen niittyla

ruth duckworth

til april 16th at mia

munich 1972 posters

... unrelated, but couldnt resist!

justin novak

there is something disturbing in this piece that makes it very moving

gustavo perez, mexico

Apr 7, 2006

takiguchi kazuo

since we were talking about Fontana's slits... here's one by Takiguchi Kazuo, compliments of AR!

Apr 6, 2006

Jousse Entreprise features...

From Boston...

Museum of Fine Arts http://www.mfa.org/

Lucio Fontana ceramics

Seen at Karsten Greve gallery in Cologne... Crocifisso (Crucifix) 1955-1957 by Lucio Fontana

Apr 4, 2006

some of my work, NY, november 04


contribution by AR... ceramic walls by Erwin Hauer
isbn: 1568984553

what i liked best at this year's Ceramic Art London show... Rebecca Catterall

recently seen @ garth clark: ron nagle

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